This will be an extensive review of the Auto Recruiting Platform which is making waves around the internet.  ARP was created by the gentleman responsible for created the Reverse Funnel System, Dan Glanville.

What caught my attention about this program is the mobile marketing built in that sends you text messages from "real phone numbers".

There's another company out there call Uneeqlee that has a mobile marketing system, but you can text messages from a 5 digit number, not a "real phone number".

I've used 3 different mobile marketing systems myself over the past few years, and this one is the first in the opportunity space that really caught my attention.

It's something I can see myself using in my own businesses.

What are the issues?

One MAIN issue is that you can find cheaper text messaging solutions out there. I use Send Hub to send out text messages with a real phone number, but in order to automate it, I had to sign up for another service called Zapier. When you add up the cost for both services, you'll be looking at spending about $40-$60 a month using Zapier and Send Hub together.

That's still a bit cheaper than ARP's $99/month plan though right? Right!

But this other issue that could arise is the fact that mobile marketing isn't a proven way to get prospects to sign up for you programs.

In my business it's definitely helped, but if you're just getting started, will it work for you?

What I Like:

This is one of the main reason Auto Recruiting Platform could work for someone with experience like me, because all I'd have to do is drive traffic.

The main issue always come back to the fact that you have to know how to get consistent traffic to your sites or you won't make money.

I was watching a Youtube video the other day that was created by someone that promotes ARP and they stated that the reason most people don't make money is because they're promoting replicated sites.

This begs the question then as to how new people would promote ARP if they send traffic straight to the replicate site.


When ever you're promoting a  new opportunity, business, membership, etc, it's always a good idea to send people to "pre sell" pages first.

You should NEVER send people/prospects straight to a page that's asking them to sign up on a replicated site. This is the fatal flaw that most people make.

Based on what I see over at ARP though, sending people to the ARP landing page "could" work if you're paying for traffic, such a solo ad. By the way, we sell over 300,000 visitors via solo ads in this market, so if you need any traffic, let's us know.

In summary:

If you like ARP:

Have a paid promotion plan so that you can send traffic to the Auto Recruiting Platform landing page, but only after you have send the visitor to a landing page where people can optin to your mailing list FIRST. This way prospects will be on YOUR email list before they see the ARP page.

If you haven't signed up for ARP and you want to, you can sign up with the person who showed you the opportunity.

The system we're currently promoting is here. Take a look at it because it's changing a lot of lives.

If you want a piece of the millions of web visitors we have comment below and let us know.


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