The Truth About Easy1up

If you're familiar with growth hacking and the world of startups, then Easy1Ups is easy to understand.


Easy1Ups provides a safe way to learn entrepreneurial skills while you are at home. Since the pandemic isn't over, opting for virtual conferences is an excellent way to upskill and 1Up your business.

Who and What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is both a product and a service. The training packages are designed to be easily understood by anyone. As the site says, there are no smoke-and-mirrors involved - it's a training program you can purchase. They have several of these training packages available for anyone with a variety of needs.

The parent company for Easy1Up is Multiplex Systems. Peter Wolfing founded Multiplex Systems in 1998, 8 years after he first learned about marketing. Although he has no experience in coaching and leadership, his expertise in sales gave him a first experience in what business practices are successful. Starting as a salesperson gives anyone an unobstructed view towards consumer behaviour, and within these interactions lie the techniques of scaling a business.

What services do they offer?

Peter Wolfing's other websites include,, and his official website These websites have one thing in common: they contain services and paid tutorials on how to scale a business from zero to success. has several packages to choose from:

  • Elevation Basic

  • Elevation Elite

  • Vertex Course

  • Vertex Elite Course

  • Vertex Pro Connect

  • Vertex Live

Package Summary

These courses include social media management, lead generation, product development, and content creation. Although it may sound like it's geared towards individuals wanting to start a business from the group up, it has plenty of material for entrepreneurs not involved with the concept of online businesses.

The packages come at different prices, with Elevation Basic priced at $25 while the Vertex Pro Connect is at $1000. In addition, each set has different levels of complexity, with the Elevation Basic acting as an introductory topic to business, entrepreneurship, and why it's crucial to take advantage of the internet.

The Elevation Elite is an introduction to the tools used in an online business. If you're already well-versed with the concept of marketing and the fundamental strategies of expanding your business, then you don't need to go further.

But for individuals who want the information prepared for them and don't have the luxury of time, Easy1Up offers these sets for a price.

Easy1Ups Vertex Package offers a tutorial on content creation, specifically, the video format to help advance an online business. Part of this package includes:

  • Launching your online business.

  • Retaining leads via better emails.

  • Other tips relating to an entrepreneurial mindset.

The package's more lucrative counterpart, the Vertex Elite, is focused on the delivery of goods. It has tutorials on dropshipping and increasing web traffic to your business.

The Vertex Pro Connect is more detailed market research, using Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook to improve web traffic. It's a perfect guide for online business owners that aren't too heavily involved with social media.

The last one, Vertex Live, is focused on how entrepreneurs become better speakers or hosts for any event, whether physical or virtual. It's usually the final step of an experienced business owner who decides to move on from the product or service and is focused on sharing better business practices. Peter Wolfing already is at this stage, but since is still a product, he's in an overlap between educating others and providing a business product.


In terms of legitimacy, Peter Wolfing's YouTube channel is proof that this website is run by a natural person and not a team of offshore product devs.

He hosts regular talks with other entrepreneurs, and his website,, contains several links to his social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. A contact number, together with an email address, is shown on the website.'s materials are accessible via invitation, and you have to be logged in to see the full feature of the website and its products. Customers are guaranteed that they're dealing with a legitimate business. Peter Wolfing has spent over 20 years in the marketing industry, and he provides some valuable insights into starting an online business.

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