How To Make Money With Clickbank

How you can start building your own affiliate marketing digital empire today.
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Clickbank has been around for many years, you probably already knew that. This isn't a trivial point to make though because there have been so many online business platforms that pop up and disappear 6 months later. So yes, they have stood the test of "internet time", but what's surprising is how quickly making money with Clickbank has changed over the years. As online experts ourselves, it can be so frustrating to constantly have to research the best techniques when we know that 90% of them won't work. Our pain is your gain though! So buckle up as I explain exactly how you can start building your own affiliate marketing digital empire today. Sound like hype right? :-)
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Why else would you want to do affiliate marketing or start an online business? 

It was the misplaced hype that motivating me to start researching this when I got laid off from my job. It was almost like I needed that hype as a booster to "blast away" from the gravity of my comfort zone. No one was cheering me on when it came time to "figure it all out" either, but from this point on, I'll give you the facts and leave the dreaming to you for the rest of this guide, sound fair?

ClickBank is my 2nd best place to start 

Physical products/amazon affiliate marketing would be first, because they are a reputable company with over 80,000 affiliates. They handle all licensing and payments on behalf of these affiliates so you don't have to worry about those headaches yourself.

Clickbank stand out ahead of being an Amazon affiliate in the short-term.

The SPEED at which you can set up your links and start promoting. With about 15 minutes of research on Google or Bing, you can find problems that people search for online, and connect them to a Clickbank product. This is more difficult to do with a physical product because you'll have to do more research about the ACTUAL PRODUCT NOT the PROBLEM.

Clickbank is more about helping people SOLVE PROBLEMS with INFORMATION.

For example. You could research the: "training puppies problem" for people that are having a hard time training their puppy. You would only do research on this problem IF you found a product on Clickbank that solved the problem of training your puppy. Makes sense?

- Clickbank has an incredible affiliate dashboard that makes tracking your earnings easier than ever before - there's no need for guesswork when it comes to how much money you're making from each customer or sale.

- ClickBank provides useful tips like building up a mailing list (don't spam though) via email, providing valuable content first as well as sending out promotional emails once in a while - this will help keep customers engaged but not inundated by too many messages at any given time.
There are many different ways to make money with Clickbank
Step 1)

Choose your niche market: Clickbank offers a wide variety of niches you can work with to make money. Whether it's in the health and fitness niche, weight loss niche, or software niches, there is a niche for every interest. PRO TIP: Choose your niche quickly and change it later if you don't like it. Don't waste time trying to find the PERFECT NICHE, it doesn't EXIST. Focus for 90 days to 6 months on ONE NICHE so that you can track your results and re-evaluate.

Step 2)

Create Content: ClickBank is all about content and click-throughs, which means that you need to create high-quality clickable blog posts with excellent keyword optimization OR NOT. Reach out to us if you want to KNOW another tip for this that we don't want to FREELY share online. But you won't believe how well JUST ONE ARTICLE that you wrote in 1 day can do if you connect it to a Clickbank product that solves the problem the article covers.


I cannot emphasize this enough. Make sure your content is focused on solving problems. The products you recommend should be the ultimate solution to these problems, but they shouldn't be the only solution.

Step 3)

Build an email list: it's a well-known fact that Clickbank affiliates love their mailing lists - they're invaluable when it comes down to making money online. What many people don't realize though is how important building up your list actually is in order to build a business for the LONG TERM. Of course, it's great to get a few short-term sales here and there to pay a few bills, but you need consistent traffic to really take things to the next level. Once you have a loyal email and social media following that trusts the information they get from you, then marketing becomes easier because these potential customers are already invested in what you do!

Step 4)

Bonus step: Create a targeted YouTube channel for your niche. YouTube is a platform that is always changing and evolving. The best part about YouTube is getting the free targeted exposure you need for your content without paying a dime. We specialize in walking our clients through the process of harnessing YouTube to increase their sales and commissions.

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