How To Make Money With Clickbank


How you can start building your own affiliate marketing digital empire today.


Clickbank has been around for many years, you probably already knew that. This isn't a trivial point to make though because there have been so many online business platforms that pop up and disappear 6 months later. So yes, they have stood the test of "internet time", but what's surprising is how quickly making money with Clickbank has changed over the years. As online experts ourselves, it can be so frustrating to constantly have to research the best techniques when we know that 90% of them won't work. Our pain is your gain though! So buckle up as I explain exactly how you can start building your own affiliate marketing digital empire today. Sound like hype right? 🙂

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Why else would you want to do affiliate marketing or start an online business? 

It was the misplaced hype that motivating me to start researching this when I got laid off from my job. It was almost like I needed that hype as a booster to "blast away" from the gravity of my comfort zone. No one was cheering me on when it came time to "figure it all out" either, but from this point on, I'll give you the facts and leave the dreaming to you for the rest of this guide, sound fair?


ClickBank is my 2nd best place to start 

Physical products/amazon affiliate marketing would be first, because they are a reputable company with over 80,000 affiliates. They handle all licensing and payments on behalf of these affiliates so you don't have to worry about those headaches yourself.


Clickbank stand out ahead of being an Amazon affiliate in the short-term.

The SPEED at which you can set up your links and start promoting. With about 15 minutes of research on Google or Bing, you can find problems that people search for online, and connect them to a Clickbank product. This is more difficult to do with a physical product because you'll have to do more research about the ACTUAL PRODUCT NOT the PROBLEM.


Clickbank is more about helping people SOLVE PROBLEMS with INFORMATION.

For example. You could research the: "training puppies problem" for people that are having a hard time training their puppy. You would only do research on this problem IF you found a product on Clickbank that solved the problem of training your puppy. Makes sense?


- Clickbank has an incredible affiliate dashboard that makes tracking your earnings easier than ever before - there's no need for guesswork when it comes to how much money you're making from each customer or sale.


- ClickBank provides useful tips like building up a mailing list (don't spam though) via email, providing valuable content first as well as sending out promotional emails once in a while - this will help keep customers engaged but not inundated by too many messages at any given time.

- There are many different ways to make money with Clickbank

Step 1)

Choose your niche market: Clickbank offers a wide variety of niches you can work with to make money. Whether it's in the health and fitness niche, weight loss niche, or software niches, there is a niche for every interest. PRO TIP: Choose your niche quickly and change it later if you don't like it. Don't waste time trying to find the PERFECT NICHE, it doesn't EXIST. Focus for 90 days to 6 months on ONE NICHE so that you can track your results and re-evaluate.


Step 2)

Create Content: ClickBank is all about content and click-throughs, which means that you need to create high-quality clickable blog posts with excellent keyword optimization OR NOT. Reach out to us if you want to KNOW another tip for this that we don't want to FREELY share online. But you won't believe how well JUST ONE ARTICLE that you wrote in 1 day can do if you connect it to a Clickbank product that solves the problem the article covers.



I cannot emphasize this enough. Make sure your content is focused on solving problems. The products you recommend should be the ultimate solution to these problems, but they shouldn't be the only solution.


Step 3)

Build an email list: it's a well-known fact that Clickbank affiliates love their mailing lists - they're invaluable when it comes down to making money online. What many people don't realize though is how important building up your list actually is in order to build a business for the LONG TERM. Of course, it's great to get a few short-term sales here and there to pay a few bills, but you need consistent traffic to really take things to the next level. Once you have a loyal email and social media following that trusts the information they get from you, then marketing becomes easier because these potential customers are already invested in what you do!


Step 4)

Bonus step: Create a targeted YouTube channel for your niche. YouTube is a platform that is always changing and evolving. The best part about YouTube is getting the free targeted exposure you need for your content without paying a dime. We specialize in walking our clients through the process of harnessing YouTube to increase their sales and commissions.


NOTICE: We've been helping readers and clients all over the world implement this process step by step. Reach out to us here: 512*883*6836 If you want access to a strategy that our best clients are using right now to get results.

The Truth About Easy1up

If you're familiar with growth hacking and the world of startups, then Easy1Ups is easy to understand.


Easy1Ups provides a safe way to learn entrepreneurial skills while you are at home. Since the pandemic isn't over, opting for virtual conferences is an excellent way to upskill and 1Up your business.

Who and What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is both a product and a service. The training packages are designed to be easily understood by anyone. As the site says, there are no smoke-and-mirrors involved - it's a training program you can purchase. They have several of these training packages available for anyone with a variety of needs.

The parent company for Easy1Up is Multiplex Systems. Peter Wolfing founded Multiplex Systems in 1998, 8 years after he first learned about marketing. Although he has no experience in coaching and leadership, his expertise in sales gave him a first experience in what business practices are successful. Starting as a salesperson gives anyone an unobstructed view towards consumer behaviour, and within these interactions lie the techniques of scaling a business.

What services do they offer?

Peter Wolfing's other websites include,, and his official website These websites have one thing in common: they contain services and paid tutorials on how to scale a business from zero to success. has several packages to choose from:

  • Elevation Basic

  • Elevation Elite

  • Vertex Course

  • Vertex Elite Course

  • Vertex Pro Connect

  • Vertex Live

Package Summary

These courses include social media management, lead generation, product development, and content creation. Although it may sound like it's geared towards individuals wanting to start a business from the group up, it has plenty of material for entrepreneurs not involved with the concept of online businesses.

The packages come at different prices, with Elevation Basic priced at $25 while the Vertex Pro Connect is at $1000. In addition, each set has different levels of complexity, with the Elevation Basic acting as an introductory topic to business, entrepreneurship, and why it's crucial to take advantage of the internet.

The Elevation Elite is an introduction to the tools used in an online business. If you're already well-versed with the concept of marketing and the fundamental strategies of expanding your business, then you don't need to go further.

But for individuals who want the information prepared for them and don't have the luxury of time, Easy1Up offers these sets for a price.

Easy1Ups Vertex Package offers a tutorial on content creation, specifically, the video format to help advance an online business. Part of this package includes:

  • Launching your online business.

  • Retaining leads via better emails.

  • Other tips relating to an entrepreneurial mindset.

The package's more lucrative counterpart, the Vertex Elite, is focused on the delivery of goods. It has tutorials on dropshipping and increasing web traffic to your business.

The Vertex Pro Connect is more detailed market research, using Reddit, Tumblr, and Facebook to improve web traffic. It's a perfect guide for online business owners that aren't too heavily involved with social media.

The last one, Vertex Live, is focused on how entrepreneurs become better speakers or hosts for any event, whether physical or virtual. It's usually the final step of an experienced business owner who decides to move on from the product or service and is focused on sharing better business practices. Peter Wolfing already is at this stage, but since is still a product, he's in an overlap between educating others and providing a business product.


In terms of legitimacy, Peter Wolfing's YouTube channel is proof that this website is run by a natural person and not a team of offshore product devs.

He hosts regular talks with other entrepreneurs, and his website,, contains several links to his social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. A contact number, together with an email address, is shown on the website.'s materials are accessible via invitation, and you have to be logged in to see the full feature of the website and its products. Customers are guaranteed that they're dealing with a legitimate business. Peter Wolfing has spent over 20 years in the marketing industry, and he provides some valuable insights into starting an online business.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review – The Whole Story

Super Affiliate System 3.0, also known as the John Crestani Course, has been around since 2019 and is one of the most popular and well-known affiliate marketing courses that many people out there have tried and completed.

This course is similar to the Super Affiliated System which teaches you how to build an affiliated marketing business from scratch. It was created and led by the world's most successful affiliate marketer and entrepreneur, the late, great, and legendary John C. Crestani.

The course itself is a great introduction to starting a freelance affiliate career and marketing career which is likely to continue until 2019. To go directly to John's site and get our exclusive free training, go here, then reach out to us at the phone number above, once you are a member.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System has been reviewed many times, but it is very difficult to find an unbiased review. If you are in the beginning stages of your online business journey, keep reading to find out how to use John's system to get ahead.

What is John's Super Affiliate System all about?

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is a step-by-step guide to generating significant income online. The system works with any specific niche, meaning it can be easily applied to your area of interest and skill set, but also does not require that you have either one for the system to work. John Crestani is an expert who has been providing this service since 2008 and his Super Affiliate System will provide anyone with a proven process for success as long as they are willing to put in the effort required.

The main point of John's business strategy is what he calls "asset-building" which refers to building financial wealth through investing part of all earnings on assets like stocks or property, instead of spending them on day-to-day expenses.

The key here is making sure that you choose the right niche market and the right products to promote to get results.

One of the main strategies that John shares are the idea that you should promote high-end products and services to be more successful.

The system also discusses how different niches have different price points which should factor into the strategy that you choose to use for your online business.

Some of John's favorite markets include beauty & health products, consumer electronics, and travel deals.

His affiliate marketing experience has helped develop the Super Affiliate System and helped people make money through affiliate marketing. John has been teaching affiliated marketing for over 20 years through his own company, John Crestani's Associates.

Whether you are a new affiliate marketer, an experienced affiliate marketer, or an experienced expert, the Super Affiliate System helps you build a profitable affiliate marketing business, no matter what training you undergo or what action you take. When you have found this helpful SuperAffiliate System Check # and are ready to plan your steps as an affiliate marketer, I also recommend you read my article on finding your niche.

The Super Affiliate System has recorded video training and takes approximately 6 weeks to complete. Week 1-5 brings your Biz opp niche closer through different traffic channels, and weeks 4-7 focuses on affiliate marketing. 

In this Super Affiliate System Review, we will determine which courses are the best that newcomers should direct their efforts to. We analyze what each course includes, the pros and cons, and give you a detailed insight into the Super Affiliate System and the affiliate marketers who promote it.

John Crestani claims that you will become a Master Affiliate Marketing until the course is completed. The actual cost of the Super Affiliate System is just over $997+, but John Crestani tells people that it is to promote the Super Affiliates System Course so that he and his affiliates are better known to you. 

I am happy to tell you that the Super Affiliate System is legitimate and will allow you to learn how to be successful in affiliate marketing. It's worth the money because if people are seriously interested in getting deep into an affiliate marketing career and have time to practically implement their strategies, the system will be worth your money. While there is nothing wrong with joining the growing number of Americans who make money from online marketing, nothing at this price can compare to scaling a successful affiliate marketing business. 

The Super Affiliate System is a great way to make money online, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll generate large sums by buying the course. 

If you are poor in dirt and don't want to take on credit card debt, you may not be able to make money online with the Super Affiliate System or any of John Crestani's other affiliate marketing courses. However, if you are a beginner - affiliate marketer at level, it can give you a good starting point. Before you buy the "Super Affiliated System" offered by John Crestani, I want you to be aware of the difference between making money online and successful affiliate marketing. I've come up with some imaginative information that can help you start your affiliate career - marketing career in the right way.

The Super Affiliate System covers all the basic knowledge that beginners - affiliate marketers need to get started without forgetting to set up properly. It's all an affiliate marketer needs to get everything to get a star and superpartner. 

The plan was designed by John Crestani, who was a successful affiliate marketer and has earned millions of dollars on his business. The Super Affiliate System covers all aspects of affiliate marketing, and the program is free and available to anyone with a minimum of $10,000 in credit card debt. If you need to try your luck in the affiliate marketing industry, then you will need this program. 

The main advantages of the Super Affiliate System are its simplicity, ease of use, and simple-to-use interface. As I mentioned in my review, the biggest plus for the John Crestani Super Affiliates system is its free credit card debt - the free program. 


Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages & Top 5 Landing Page Software Reviewed

The Top 5 Landing Software Programs

Whether digital or traditional, marketing is focused on bridging the gap between your brand and your target at the appropriate time and place. As we strive in a period when almost everything is being digitized, the best strategy for businesses is to connect and communicate with customers through various digital platforms. Regarded as programs that can provide everything you need to get your online business up and running, here are some of the best landing software programs that can help boost your business:


A cloud-based online software program that allows users to create sales and marketing funnels, it can boost website traffic and generate a higher conversion rate. It has fast become an essential marketing tool that guides potential customers through certain steps, eventually leading them to purchase goods or services. Developed by Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson, it plays an array of digital marketing roles such as designing websites and landing pages that can help any type of business reap benefits through blogs, content marketing, and pay per clicks.


  • Drag and drop page builder.
  • Highly efficient autorespond.
  • Allows users to create affiliate programs.
  • Let's businesses keep track of customer orders.


  • Sub-par affiliate reporting system
  •  Most customer service representatives are sourced from overseas.


LeadPages offers sales, video landing, and thank you pages, helping create high-converting landing pages that allow you to send lead magnets to your subscribers, promoting a healthy and lasting relationship between your firm and its followers. Known as one of the best website builders, LeadPages provides users with more freedom to customize a landing page and generate leads as wells as subscribers. It enables marketers and entrepreneurs to publish web pages that transform clicks into paying customers.


  • Easily dispatch lead magnets.
  • Create squeeze pages.
  • Develop sales pages.
  • Design productive thank you pages.


  • Its drag and drop feature is slow to react.
  • Limited customization options.


By utilizing a handful of its features, this software is designed to help business owners launch and promote new products. It is one of the highly-recommended tools for new marketers as they are offered a decent number of marketing tools at a reasonable price. Create an unlimited amount of landing pages as well as opt-in forms, pop-ups, and automatic email responders easily, resulting in effortless, profitable, and successful marketing campaigns.


  • Helps determine fake entries and referrals.
  • Can be used to offer rewards to loyal customers.
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Conveniently insert various types of media through its highly-responsive mobile pages.


  • Not a very user-friendly program.
  • Cost a tad more than its peers.


This simple and basic website builder provides its users with attractive landing pages free of charge. Designed for freelancers, fresh start-ups, and new entrepreneurs, it is a versatile alternative to programs that require a regular fee. Create landing pages quickly with accessible, easy-to-use editors. This software is geared towards beginners and is packed with healthy features to help you run a profitable online business.


  • Allows its users to share their funnels through various social media platforms.
  • Offers a quick and inexpensive option to create fascinating landing pages.
  • Subscribing to the software's Professional Plan holds you back minimally but opens up a plethora of features such as advanced user analytics, subdomain or custom domain, and promotional assistance.


  • Templates may be too simple, making them seem unprofessional.


Regarded as one of the most reputable landing page builders, it features an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that is best used in developing website pop-ups and test custom landing pages that are capable of quickly launching marketing campaigns and increasing conversion rates. Being one of the first landing page programs made available, it focuses on producing attractive landing pages and is known to best suit pros due to its more advanced building options.


  • Can easily be integrated into other reputable marketing platforms.
  • Fast page loading time.
  • Offers a range of landing page templates.
  • Allows full mobile optimization.


  • Beginners may find it challenging to use.


Compared to traditional marketing, finding customers digitally uses an approach that enables its users to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your firm's marketing campaign. It provides you with a better understanding of your customer's preferences, allowing you to make adjustments when necessary. Depending on your business' needs and preference, sales funnels and landing pages that can boost sales are aplenty, it simply all boils down to which online marketing tool can optimize your company's online presence and profitability.

STEP 2 - Before Getting Results With MOBE or Joining....Do This

MOBE is pretty good, but before you take the plunge or start putting together your plan, make sure you call us to find out what system we're using to get amazing results. Call our receptionist and let her know when the best time to speak would be @ (323) *458 *5240. Chat soon. You should also CLICK HERE to find out how we use the MMAS System so that we aren't stuck promoting opportunities and products that end up being time wasters.


Rich Jerk Review - Truth About Rich Jerk Bonus & Online Business Program

What Is The Rick Jerk and Who Is He?

To go directly to the Rich Jerk now and grab your business GO HERE.

rich jerk image

I'm sure you're on this site because you have seen some of the ads relating to the "Rich Jerk" and claiming that he can teach you how to make money online. I don't know about you but when I first saw these ads years ago, when he launched the first time, I was a little offended. Luckily for me, I was already making money online at the time. You might be in the position where you've never really made any substantial income online and you're wondering if this is all some BIG JOKE. To answer your question: NO! This isn't a big joke.

For some reason this Rich Jerk guy felt it would be best to be a jerk in order to get your attention, but after buying the first version of the program 8 or 9 years ago, I can tell you that the information and systems that he shared were pretty AWESOME.  It wasn't that I didn't know any of it, it was simply the amount of DETAIL and REAL LIFE example of him making multiple six figures on different projects that got me inspired.

What Does The Rich Jerk Teach?

The strategies and systems that he will show you were really mind blowing. One of the strategies taught how to make sales based entirely on focusing just on ONE "search term" that people are using to search for answers to their problems online. He then shows you step by step how we did it for one of his credit repair sites. One of those sites alone was worth over 100 thousand dollars.

Should You Buy The Rich Jerk Program?

I don't wanna give away ALL of the strategies that he teaches, because I don't have permission to, but if you've been spending a lot of time online or offline trying to figure out what works, this might be a good program for you to follow. The Rich Jerk's original system sold over 100,000 copies before they took it offline, so I have no idea how long they will keep this one online. The best advice I can give you is to thoroughly go through ALL of the information and start applying it if you decide to buy it.

Can You Help Me With This?

Sure we can! If you buy the system through our link HERE. We can answer any question you might have about the program and also show you how to use our "Online Business Secrets" in tandem with what you will learn from the Rich Jerk.

So go ahead, grab a copy of his system now HERE. Then shoot us an email at support @ so we can point you in the right direction.


The Truth About MOBE ( My Online Business Empire/Education) That No One Wants To Tell You

MOBE is pretty good. You can find out more about it HERE, but before you do make sure you call us to find out what system we're using to get amazing results. Call our receptionist and let her know when the best time to speak would be @ (323) *458 *5240. Chat soon. Flo

This will be an extensive review of the Auto Recruiting Platform which is making waves around the internet.  ARP was created by the gentleman responsible for created the Reverse Funnel System, Dan Glanville.

What caught my attention about this program is the mobile marketing built in that sends you text messages from "real phone numbers".

There's another company out there call Uneeqlee that has a mobile marketing system, but you can text messages from a 5 digit number, not a "real phone number".

I've used 3 different mobile marketing systems myself over the past few years, and this one is the first in the opportunity space that really caught my attention.

It's something I can see myself using in my own businesses.

What are the issues?

One MAIN issue is that you can find cheaper text messaging solutions out there. I use Send Hub to send out text messages with a real phone number, but in order to automate it, I had to sign up for another service called Zapier. When you add up the cost for both services, you'll be looking at spending about $40-$60 a month using Zapier and Send Hub together.

That's still a bit cheaper than ARP's $99/month plan though right? Right!

But this other issue that could arise is the fact that mobile marketing isn't a proven way to get prospects to sign up for you programs.

In my business it's definitely helped, but if you're just getting started, will it work for you?

What I Like:

This is one of the main reason Auto Recruiting Platform could work for someone with experience like me, because all I'd have to do is drive traffic.

The main issue always come back to the fact that you have to know how to get consistent traffic to your sites or you won't make money.

I was watching a Youtube video the other day that was created by someone that promotes ARP and they stated that the reason most people don't make money is because they're promoting replicated sites.

This begs the question then as to how new people would promote ARP if they send traffic straight to the replicate site.


When ever you're promoting a  new opportunity, business, membership, etc, it's always a good idea to send people to "pre sell" pages first.

You should NEVER send people/prospects straight to a page that's asking them to sign up on a replicated site. This is the fatal flaw that most people make.

Based on what I see over at ARP though, sending people to the ARP landing page "could" work if you're paying for traffic, such a solo ad. By the way, we sell over 300,000 visitors via solo ads in this market, so if you need any traffic, let's us know.

In summary:

If you like ARP:

Have a paid promotion plan so that you can send traffic to the Auto Recruiting Platform landing page, but only after you have send the visitor to a landing page where people can optin to your mailing list FIRST. This way prospects will be on YOUR email list before they see the ARP page.

If you haven't signed up for ARP and you want to, you can sign up with the person who showed you the opportunity.

The system we're currently promoting is here. Take a look at it because it's changing a lot of lives.

If you want a piece of the millions of web visitors we have comment below and let us know.